Zero Stress

The Zero Stress range is produced by ‘Himolla Furniture’ - which is renowned throughout Europe for its quality and comfort. Established in Bavaria in 1928, it introduced the Zero Stress range of reclining furniture to meet the growing demand for high quality, design-led furniture that was both functional and practical.

Ergonomic design promotes total relaxation in a healthy position that reduces pressure on your vertebral disks. Additionally, you can adjust the active lumbar support to ensure maximum comfort and support for your spine.

Zero Stress is available with either a variable headrest or one that is height-adjustable, to ensure complete comfort. The variable headrest can be moved with one hand into a single position. The height adjustable one can be positioned according to your height, to ensure complete support for your head and shoulders.

Only Himolla’s exclusive Superlastic interior foam is used in Zero Stress furniture. It ensures lasting seat comfort because it warms and moulds hygienically to your body shape. It’s breathable, hygienic and environmentally friendly.

Zero Stress furniture tilts and slides smoothly using patented German technology and engineering. It responds spontaneously to your bodyweight movement. You can set your favourite position using the two side handles. Recliners glide through 360 degrees effortlessly. All mechanical technology and parts are guaranteed. It’s soft, supple and luxurious.