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drop_down_option_1a Mattress & Base
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drop_down_option_5a Standard depth
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drop_down_option_3c Small Double 120cm x 190cm
drop_down_option_3d Double 135cm x 190cm
drop_down_option_3e Kingsize 150cm x 200cm
drop_down_option_3f Super Kingsize 180cm x 200cm
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drop_down_option_2a Medium
drop_down_option_4a No Drawers
drop_down_option_4b 2 Drawer
drop_down_option_4c 4 Drawer
drop_down_option_4d 4 Drawer Continental
drop_down_option_4e End Drawer
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drop_down_price_option_4b 49
drop_down_price_option_4c 98
drop_down_price_option_4d 98
drop_down_price_option_4e 49
drop_down_price_option_4f 0
drop_down_single_test_4a yes
drop_down_single_test_4b yes
drop_down_single_test_4c no
drop_down_single_test_4d no
drop_down_single_test_4e yes
drop_down_single_test_4f yes
  • High quality knitted soft stretch fabric cover.
  • Micro-quilted mattress upholstery includes a firm comfort layer to provide additional support for th
  • Bonnell fully sprung mattress is side re-inforced to prevent edge breakdown and widen the total slee
  • Suitable for a wide range of bed frames and divan bases.
  • Dual sided mattress – please turn and rotate mattress regularly to extend its life and performance.
  • A wide selection of base options available, with or without storage and a stylish range of contempor

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